Sunday, June 15, 2008

Catonsville Gourmet

The Catonsville Gourmet should be on your list of restaurants you just gotta visit. Firstly it is BYOB. The seafood is fresh, excellently prepared and presented. The service excellent with bright, clean decor.

Be warned you will find the restaurant busy and they dont take bookings. There is a wine shop opposite with a resonable range of wines, however they have very few wines cold.

Try the Oysters, Prince Edward Island Mussels, Fish & Chips, Boullabaisse, or select from the fish of the day with Mango and Avacado Salsa, I promise you the wait will be well worth it.

The only criticism is that they serve Sea Bass - the name given by an LA businessman to the Patagonian Toothfish.  This fish gets lots of attention around the world due to illegal fishing practices.  After reading the book Hooked: Pirates, Poaching and the Perfect Fish about illegal fishing practices in the southern oceans to the point of likely destruction of this species, it's hard to accept the sight of "Sea Bass" on a menu.

Check out the
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Aussie Liquid Gold

In North Eastern Victoria, Australia, is a little town called Rutherglen. This part of the country was home to infamous Bush Ranger, Ned Kelly and is also home to truely unique wine - Rutherglen Muscat.

Made from the Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge, or Brown Muscat, it is fortified, so there is alcohol to enhance all that sweet richness. Defined by age and residual sweetness into 4 wine styles, this is one of the great wines of the world and ridiculously inexpensive for the time and labor involved.

These wines are well worth seeking out.