Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chicken of the Woods

This week Owen came home from the woods with a fungi called Chicken of the Woods. (Laetiporus sulphureus)

I sliced the mushroom close the the ends, I am told the thicker parts are woody. Sauted them in butter. The texture and taste is like chicken.

When in Maine

Trish and I took vacation in Maine in September. We were not disappointed with the abundance of Lobster and Clam Chowder (White, Not Red!). Maine Lobster Recipes

Maine lobster fishermen bring in their catch.

Lobster rolls everywhere, you can get them from road side vendors when you need a quick lobster fix.

Lobster and Chowder from Cappy's Chowder House

Lobsters, steamed claims and fried calamari on the water front restaurant

Lobster Stew cooked with Sherry! A real treat worth looking out for.

Steamed Lobsters on the beach, dont get much better.