Monday, February 2, 2009

Vernon's the Real Deal... and So Are His Pies!

Vernon's Store is worth finding!  

Vernon was born in the Abacos. He's the real deal 8th generation Abaconian being decendent from Loyalists who fled to the Bahamas during the American Revolutionary War in 1783. We weren't rude enough to ask when he was born; safe to say Vernon is over 50 and going strong.
Vernon's Store looks "lived in" and has Vernon's sense of humour stamped all over it, with his quotes and those of others penned and pinned to every shelf.  Visitors find much more than anything money can buy.

We don't like to over-research the locations we plan to visit. It's so much fun to feel like we've stumbled upon a little gem than to have it all planned out in advance. That's how it was with Vernon's Store. Every day he bakes bread and pies. Take a look at this Key Lime Pie!

No hint of the fake green coloring you find in the fake key lime pies that glow in the dark and last in the back of the fridge forever, found in so many grocery stores across the States. My guess is that Vernon uses real eggs (now that's a novel idea), real lime juice and real condensed milk to make these superb pies. He tops them with meringue; a great use of the egg whites you're left with if you make a 4 egg yolk key lime pie.  Again, we did not ask Vernon to give away any secrets. You'll just have to track him down yourself. Hint: we Hope you find him in Town in the Bahamas.


Anonymous said...

I've been eating Vernon's bahama bread since I was a little girl and have now introduced it to my daughters. It's our favorite!!