Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meat Pies, Big in Puerto Rico

These fast-food-fried pastries can be addictive. Empanadilla consist of a round of pastry filled with minced meat or seafood, folded and fried till crisp. They’re something like an Aussie meat pie.

In Puerto Rico we set out to do an extensive taste testing of empanadilla from lobster and shrimp to beef. The difference is in the seasonings used. We can honestly say we never had a bad one. Empanadilla are a favorite lunch time food and freshness is always assured as they are prepared when ordered - no reheating required.

We found our favourites at a little roadside stand in La Paguera and at the La Barkita restaurant in Salinas. The best cook’s offer their homemade spicy sauce as a finishing touch. A dash of La Barkita’s sauce creates a magical mix of flavors.