Monday, September 7, 2009

The One Dollar Breakfast, Trini Style

Sada Roti and Baigan Takeaway Breakfast

This morning Robert and I stumbled off the boat and walked about 50 yards to breakfast. For Robert it was potato but I can never pass up a chance to eat eggplant so my order was Sada roti with potato and baigan (eggplant).

I watched as the roti dough was rolled out and roasted over the flame, then filled with potato and the superb baigan. It occurred to me that I should be taking pictures as heaven in a paper bag was created before my eyes.
Back aboard Bristol Rose and a quick search revealed the fabulous Simply Trini Cooking. Creator of Simply Trini Cooking, Felix Padilla has already done a better job of photographing, describing and demonstrating this traditional Trinidadian dish than I could ever hope to do. Thanks Felix, for sharing!

$6TT (6 Trinidad dollars - just US$1), buys breakfast at the Roti hut in Power Boats yard, Chaguaramas. I think we must have died and gone to heaven. Tomorrow morning we live again... at the roti hut!
Update: Plantain and Okra filling Yum!


Felix said...

No problem, stop by any time. Thank you very much :-)

Geoff and Pat Craigen said...

Well,well. Geoff is still trying to convince me to do the trip to Trinidad. I've been wavering. But now you've done it. I hate cooking breakfast, but I love eating it. Looks delish. Best, Pat and Geoff