Friday, April 6, 2012

Big Curry Flavour, No Cork

No matter where you live, finding a local Indian curry house is essential to life.  We have visited most of our local curry restaurants.   I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of of the meals served at the Bengal Curry House, Wynnum.  I thought I knew all about Indian curries but this restaurant has introduced me to some new delights.

New for me is their Rezalas, rich in coconut cream and fresh corinder.  Old favourites like Korma and Vindaloo are just as flavoursome as you'd expect.  On the heat scale medium is spicy so I would expect hot to be just that - be warned.  Add the Indian Tomato Salsa made with fresh tomato, onion and coriander, the usual chutneys, a chilled white wine and dinner is served.

Prices are reasonable and best of all in a country that can find a way to charge for everything, believe it or not, there's NO CORKAGE charge.

Beautifully done, Bengal Curry House, Wynnum.